Angela Penrod

Angela Penrod BSN, RN
Adult Health Occupations Instructor
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Building/Department Assignments:
Adult Education - Adult Education Staff

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740 455-3111 x 6616 [Office]

Biographical Information:

Year of Hire with the District:  2001

Angela attended the Mid-East CTC Practical Nurse program and received her Licensed Practical Nurse licensure.   She achieved her Associate Degree in Health Technologies from Zane State, her Associate Degree in Nursing from Ohio University Zanesville and obtained her Registered Nurse licensure.  She earned her BSN from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2008.

Angela began her nursing career in 1996 in a long-term care facility working as a nurse tech, during that time she was going to school for practical nursing. Angie graduated from Mid-East CTC Practical Nurse Program and began working as a Licensed Practical Nurse in 1997 in a long term care facility. She continued her education and obtained an Associate Degree in Health Technologies from Zane State, with a focus on EKG’s and phlebotomy. She says, "Mid-East gave me a great jump into my nursing career."

In 2001, Angie began working at Mid-East CTC Adult Center as an Practical Nursing teaching assistant for lab and clinicals. At this point in her life she realized she enjoyed both teaching and working as a floor nurse and set a goal that she wanted to be a full-time nursing instructor. Being a nursing instructor allows her to teach what she loves to do.

While working part-time at Mid-East CTC, she obtained a full time position as an LPN working on a med-surg floor at an acute care facility and started back to school for her RN. In 2003 Angie graduated from OUZ with an Associate Degree in Nursing, obtained Registered Nurse licensure and continued to stay on at the acute care facility and Mid-East CTC. In 2004 she began a full-time teaching position at Mid-East CTC instructing the State Tested Nurse Aide program and then worked part-time at the acute care facility, remaining on the med-surg floor for a couple of more years. Eventually Angie left Genesis and focused on going back to school for her BSN.  

Angie said “I still continued to do what I enjoy by going to clinicals with students and teaching what I have learned from experience." Angie obtained her Pharmacy Technician License in 2013. Angie says, "Pharmacology is one of my favorite subjects to teach."

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