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Career Development

Career Development Services

Mid-East Career and Technology Centers provides career development services to our three and a half county service area, referred to as our Career-Tech Planning District (CTPD). The 13 member districts receive services from the Career Development Team throughout the year. The team also provides services to students on campus and through graduation, helping them find employment, choose enlistment, or continue their education.

Career Planning Team Meeting

A Career Planning Team Meeting is held annually in the fall and serves as a networking session for counselors, teachers, administrators, and career development specialists. The agenda focuses on career activities for the coming year, career development updates, and best practices among our partner schools.

The Fall Planning Team meeting will be held September 7, 2023.

Learn more about our Career Development Services on the pages listed below:

Career Exploration

Tours and Activities

Workforce Development


2023-2025 Mid-East CTC Policy on Career Advising

Team Members

Angela Drabik
Admissions Coordinator
740-454-0105, x 6311

Shannon Kenily
Workforce Development Coordinator
740-454-0105, x 6340

Amy Sigman
Admissions Coordinator
740-685-2516, x 1586

Stacey Snider
Career Exploration Specialist
740-454-0105, x 6355

Kim Tatman
Public Information Coordinator
740-454-0105, x 6146

Stephanie VanDusen
Executive Secretary
740-454-0105, x 6144 

Andy West
Workforce Development Coordinator
740-454-0105, x 6610

Joy Wolfel
Career Exploration Lead Facilitator
740-454-0105, x 6310