Program Information

The term Internship is used to identify the relationship which exists between Mid-East Career and Technology Centers and the business and industrial community in the employment of career and technical students. 

The term Internship is applicable when: a student has met all the requirements established for Internship and is placed on a related job, during second semester of their senior year, under the supervision of district personnel and the cooperating employer. 

Internship may start as early as the beginning of the third nine-week grading period (End-January) or when an opportunity becomes available and the student meets all eligibility requirements. Because Internship is a privilege and not a right; each Internship application will be individually evaluated. 

The Job Placement position must provide a student a minimum of 15 hours of supervised on-the-job-training per week. The job must be directly related to the career and technical training program in which the student is enrolled. 


The major objectives of Internship in Mid-East Career and Technology Centers are:

  • To assist qualified students in securing full-time & part-time employment in their field of career preparation prior to graduation. 
  • To provide experience for qualified students on specialized equipment in the field. 
  • To provide the necessary support services which will aid qualified students in making the transition from school to the world of work. 
  • To provide an incentive for all students to complete their education. 
  • To provide for an adequate period of training that will enhance the student's chances of being successful in their chosen career. 
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