Our Admissions Office is here to help you find the program that is right for you, help you with all needs assessments and pretesting, and schedule appointments for those who need financial aid.  Begin your application process early, so you have the most class choices.  We are here to help you achieve your goals!  Admissions requirements for all full-time programs (600 hours or more) include: 

  1. Must be at least 17 years of age and have a high school diploma/GED. (Student  must be 18 years of age or older to receive Title IV funding.)
  2. Application fee payment, if applicable.
  3. Complete the federal financial aid FAFSA, School code 012967 (Does not apply to "Self-Pay" students.)
  4. Complete program specific requirements/assessments.  Our admissions staff will guide you through these (Please refer to Pre-Entrance Assessments below).
  5. Present BCI and/or FBI background check results as required by program.
  6. Complete final selection interview with Mid-East staff as necessary. 

Pre-Entrance Assessments
(Applies Full-Time Programs except Practical Nursing and Paramedic.)

All prospective students will take the following assessments prior to being accepted into a program at Mid-East Career & Technology Centers Adult Education:

1.  Wonderlic

2.   Work Keys

a.    Prospective students are required to take the Applied Math and Reading for information Work Keys assessments. Each program has a set level that a student must reach before being accepted into a program.  If a student meets or exceeds that level, they will continue on with the admissions process.

b.    If a student scores one (1) level below the required Work Keys score, they will still be considered for enrollment based upon the individual agreeing to attend free classes through the ABLE program during non-class hours.  The student will be expected to remain in the ABLE program until he/she brings their Work Keys score up to the required program score, for a minimum of 12 hours.

c.       If an individual scores two (2) levels or more below the required Work Keys score, they will be referred to the ABLE program.  During this time the individual will take part in the ABLE program, free of charge in efforts to raise their Work Keys scores.

 3.  A potential student may be asked to take the Career Scope Assessment if another scource of informaiton is needed to determine eligibility for enrolling in a program.
Potential student interested in entering the Practical Nursing and Paramedic programs will also be required to take additional pre-entrance assessments wspecific to those programs.
All programs have limited enrollment.  Tuition prices are subject to change pending Board of Education approval.  The school reserves the right to cancel a class due to insufficient enrollment, p to the day before a class is to begin.  If this happens, any paid fees will be returned in full.  Students are urged to register early to ensure a place in the class. 
Students may call for an appointment Monday -Thursday 7:30 am - 4:30 pm or Friday 7:30 am - 4:00 740-455-3111.
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